At American Security Integrators we believe that providing smart workplace security solutions provides for easier business management. We offer leading and affordable solutions to safeguard your business property and staff beyond the traditional burglary alarms.

  As a business professional, you have a lot on your plate. Not only do you have to make your business perform effectively, you also provide your employees with a secure environment in which to work. That is why American Security Integrators custom designs each commercial security system to meet your needs and also makes the process easier when choosing the right security elements.

Intrusion Detection
Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses are invaded by professional and thrill seeking criminals. Property is damaged, equipment is stolen and employees are frightened. With the arrival of new technologies in business security systems, criminals are now thinking twice before attempting break-ins.

Video Guard Tour
Some high security applications call for constant surveillance of premise cameras monitoring secured areas as well as business practices. While a few applications require the constant eyes on, most others can meet their security and logistical goals through the use of video analytics and remote monitoring services.

Video Openings & Closings
In addition to other advantages, this will confirm that the authorized employees are opening and closing the business. Video openings and closing log a brief video clip of every user who arms and disarms the security system at a given location. The video can be stored for further audits or Emailed immediately to management of the location.

Video Alarm Verification
Video alarm verification is great assistance in identifying false as well as actual alarms, and eliminates unnecessary police dispatches. The use of video verification continues to grow with many municipalities adopting it as their preferred verification method.

Random Video Surveillance
This structure is both economical and useful, allowing for specific monitoring of a video system at different time periods during the day. Along with two-way audio communications during a tour, these systems are a great deterrent to theft and employees' improper behavior.

Offsite Storage
Storing video on offsite servers provides a higher level of security than recording at the location. While would be burglars can steal or damage an onsite recorder, they cannot destroy the images that have been sent to a remote site.

Remote Doorman
Remote video is used in conjunction with telephone access control for the use of controlling and verifying access to residential and commercial buildings. In a typical scenario a visitor would approach the location they wish to access and pick up the telephone or press a button to call the monitoring center staff. A security staff member would then answer and ask a series of questions or request their credentials. An enhanced version would have the security monitoring staff member appear on a video screen when the telephone call is answered. The staff member would be wearing a full security uniform and hat. In higher security applications, the security personal may more directly interact with visitors who present a valid access card to the building's access control system. This can be deployed during off hours to assure the person presenting an access card is the actual authorized user.

Video Escort
This service affords clients added peace of mind for personnel working late or off hours. With the use of a professionally installed series of video cameras, speakers and microphones, the user can initiate a video tour with the remote center by activating the tour button on the security system. A security staff member will then greet them over the hands-free communications system. At this point the user can freely walk to their car parked in the parking garage/lot. The user can remain in full verbal communication with security personnel while knowing they are also monitored through the remote cameras. In the event of any tentative or dangerous situation, security can warn the user, dispatch authorities and stay with the user until assistance arrives.

Let us help you enhance your peace of mind and those of your employees through the wide variety to advanced business solutions. We are delighted to discuss the right services that meet your specific needs through a complimentary consultation.

  • Make sure employees are opening and closing on time
  • Ensure no one enters private offices or sensitive cabinets without your knowledge
  • Track customer traffic in and out of your business
  • View daily reports on office usage from every sensor
  • Arm the security system automatically or remotely, even when employees forget
  • Receive notifications right to your cell phone, iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile device