For many of us safety isn't just about security at home and work but extends to when we are in transit or when we are "on-the-go". Whether running in the park, walking to our cars late at night or our children being out by themselves, safety should always be top of mind. Avoiding dangerous situations is always our number one deterrent to crime. However, dangerous situations are not always obvious and many think cell phones are a potential call out solution. Today, there is a new solution for self protection and emergency response. A cell phone takes several steps to initiate a call. That may include turning it on, flipping it open, getting it in call mode and dialing 911 and then send. The previous steps seem simple in day-to-day use, but during an emergency (depending upon the nature of the problem) these simple steps might be difficult, if not impossible, to complete. American Security Integrators now offers devices with a simple one button solution, so when you need help there is only one step involved? press the button! Think of the situations where you can get confused during an emergency. Our easy to wear or carry emergency response system provides "on-the-go" security for you and your loved ones. The custom software package locates you in the case of an emergency and a real person is on the other end to provide professional guidance. Contact us now for more information on this leading edge technology that can make a difference to your life and those you love.