Our customers are truly number one to us.  We focus on understanding your needs, customizing the right solution for you and serving you with the highest level of dedication.  Ensuring your peace of mind through straight-forward and solid solutions in today's changing world of technology, connectivity and crime is our focus.  As such, this is what our clients have to share with you:

Jim R., Business Owner's Insurance Agency
"As a client of ASI I enjoy peace of mind, knowing that I can leave the property and don't have to worry because my ASI system is on. I refer friends to ASI frequently because of the quality of work and the fact that I have known Andrew for years."

Vancine M ., San Diego Resident
"In June 2009 I became a client of ASI due to a home invasion robbery.  A few days after the home invasion, I contacted a trusted friend to ask who installed his home security system.  Without hesitation he said Andrew Davis.  Andrew from ASI, installed his system 20 years ago and he said to, call him now!  Andrew listened and heard my concerns and was a pleasure to work with.  They get right down to work and have very professional attitudes.  With that being said, if you would like to add a new security system or re-activate an old one or upgrade your existing one, I encourage you to contact Andrew Davis at ASI."

Joseph E., San Diego Resident (Retired Secret Service)
"Having just had our new security system installed, I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the system and with your service.  Having retired from the Secret Service, I spent a great deal of time finding the right company to provide security for my family and your company exceeded all my expectations.  The installation was done in a timely and very professional manner and I would not hesitate to recommend ASI as their product and professionalism is beyond compare."

Christopher E., San Diego Business
"After four years of our relationship, ASI continues to meet our organization's high demands and expectations in technology, service and professionalism.  ASI's experience and knowledge of leading edge products certainly helped match our needs with solutions.  Your responsiveness and personal attention especially with critical situations are greatly appreciated."

Mark C., San Diego resident
"I have been an ASI customer for 6 years. My system gives me a great sense of security when I am out of town and my family is alone in the house. Also, when we go on vacation together, I know that everything will be fine. They monitor every opening of my house, which I understand many companies don't do. I am happy with ASI's reasonable price and responsive service."

Lisa G., San Diego resident
"I was looking for a local security company in San Diego that could provide excellent quality and service- and I found that with ASI. They have far surpassed the security company I worked with in the past due to their high quality of service. I feel confident in my home and personal safety as a result of their efforts."

Tippy L., In Character Costumes, San Diego, CA
"Our previous security company and contact disappeared not too many months after the installation, making contact with them extremely difficult.  ASI's installation was smooth, and finished in a timely and professional manner.  They thoroughly explained everything from the beginning and are available when we need them. In the 14 months since our installation, ASI's system and service has been stable and reliable.  I am confident in their service and would definitely recommend them to others."

Al B., Sunglass Shop and Optical, San Diego, CA
"I have known Andrew for over 16 years. His integrity, trustworthiness and service are second to none. All five of my shop locations have an ASI security system, as well as my residence. I also recommend Andrew to my family and friends. In this day and age, trust must be earned and he has earned mine. I am a loyal client of ASI as a result."

Dick S., San Diego, CA
"I had an ASI security system in my home for 4 years and then recommended their service to an office building that I manage in Santee. Andrew has a local answering service, which was a benefit for me. If I needed assistance, I knew I could call him and get his immediate attention.  I appreciated his personalized service and responsiveness to follow up on my needs."

Tracy W., San Diego resident
"I have been an ASI client since 1994. When I first became a client, I was single so a security system was very important to my peace of mind. Now I have a family and it is so nice to know that we are secure. I never feel like just another client. Andrew always calls me back right away if I have concerns. His service is fantastic and personable."

Nanette K., San Diego resident
"Andrew's quality is first class and his service is unbelievably good. I have been using his services since the late 1980's. He is easy to reach on his cell phone when I need him and his follow up is tremendous. He is a great person."

Kathy S., San Diego resident
"I'm very happy with ASI's service in regard to their responsiveness and follow-up. Andrew personally visits to check out the system for me to make sure it is running correctly. I have no complaints and have been very pleased with ASI.!