Did you know?

  • A burglary takes place approximately every 15 seconds
  • One in Six homes will be burglarized
  • Each year the victims of property crime collectively lose an estimated $17 billion
  • A woman has a One in Four chance of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime

These are real statistics that affect each and every community. Before these statistics can affect you and your loved ones, you must choose to be preventative!

Protecting yourself and loved ones begins with awareness knowledge to successfully deter threatening people or events.  At American Security Integrators we believe this focus begins with safety education.

With so much information coming at us, it is difficult to decide what is important from what is not.  Because we do not know what we do not know, we easily fall into our well-practiced routines and behaviors that can negatively impact our safety. While we believe we are protecting ourselves and those we love, we are in fact practicing only a limited amount of self-protection.  This type of limited practice does not make perfect: it makes predictable.

American Security Integrators believes that the best security solutions involve integration between education and technology to protect our homes, our workplaces and ourselves when we are on the go.  When we learn how to AVOID self-defense situations in each area of our lives, when we increase our situational awareness by better assessing people and our environments, we become proactive instead of reactive on the path to deterring crime.

American Security Integrators provides the highest rated security education in our nation through an exclusive partnership with Sealed Mindset, the leading service disabled, veteran-owned personal safety training company in the United States.

Designed by Lt. Lawrence Yatch II (Ret.), an 11-year veteran of the U.S. Navy SEALs, Sealed Mindset's curriculum provides the same high-level of self-protection as offered within elite military divisions, but with a normal individual's perspective and concerns in mind. 

The education is designed to address your specific safety concerns through two options:  (1) an entertaining, easy-to-learn and highly effective online training program in personal safety and security or; (2) customized in-person group classes for corporations, organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and executive leaders.

The curriculum is also designed to help families from all walks of life to safely navigate the environments and situations that they encounter every day.  All human beings have a fundamental need for safety and security that can only come from the development of fundamental knowledge and skills. No matter what your situation, this program is for you!

Sealed Mindset's subject matter expertise includes:

  • Mindset and awareness
  • Personal safety and security
  • Overseas executive travel
  • Protective operations
  • Residential and static site protection
  • Active shooter training
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Firearms training

If you have a safety concern, we have an educational option to give you the best plan of action for your lifestyle.

We invite you to participate in the online version of the course that consists of ten modules.  Each module can be completed at a pace of one per week (45 minutes to 1 hour per lesson). At the end of these modules you will have learned skills and broken predictable habits so that you and your loved ones have the tools necessary to be safer in any environment.

Pricing for the full course retails at an affordable $250.  At American Security Integrators we believe safety begins with education and as such, we are pleased to provide an additional 20% savings off this price.

Select the link below for direct online purchase of the web-based training using the discount code provided by ASI.    Use Coupon Code: AMSEC

It is now time for you to make the most important choice you will make in your lifetime. As a responsible citizen, as a discerning parent, or as an astute executive, choose to be proactive.