Did you know that a burglary takes place approximately every 15 seconds in the USA, that one in six homes will be burglarized, that each year the victims of property crime collectively lose an estimated amount of $17 billion and that a woman has a one in four chance of experiencing a violent crime in her life? It's time to take action to prevent these statistics from affecting you and your loved ones.

Protecting yourself and loved ones begins with awareness and the deterrence of potential threatening events. At American Security Integrator's we believe this focus begins with education. With the inundation of so much information coming at us, it is often difficult to disseminate what is really important and what is not. As such, we use filters and often don't know what we don't even know because experts have not taught us what is truly important.

It is easy to fall into our well practiced routines and behaviors and while we may believe we are protecting ourselves and those we love, in fact, we may only be practicing a limited amount of self-protection and safety. "Practice within itself does not make perfect, it makes predictable."

American Security Integrators has adopted and practices that the best security is the integration between education and technologies to protect those we serve at home, at work and on-the-go. By learning how to AVOID self-defense situations, increasing your situational awareness, learning to assess people and environments and by taking action to keep yourself and your family safe you are on the way to deterring crime.

American Security Integrators provides the highest rated security education in our nation through an exclusive partnership with Sealed Mindset, the leading personal safety and security organization in the United States.

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